BedRock Automation - secure PLC/PAC Solutions

Bedrock’s solution offers unlimited scalability from tens to tens of thousands of I/O with an ultra-fast 4GB magnetic backplane to support software selectable I/O functionality and redundancy, and universal Control and Power to support any system of any size and process control application including Batch, Continuous, Discrete, Hybrid, Safety and many others.




Engineer any automation solution with less than a dozen part numbers including a universal magnetic backplane, universal analog, discrete and fieldbus I/O, universal smart coupled power, one universal extreme controller, and just one universal system cable. Couple that with a powerful, easy-to-use software environment compliant with IEC 61131-3, and a supporting OPCUA to interface to any compatible SCADA package.

Get transparent instant cyber security that works 24/7. Black Fabric™ Cybershield is Bedrock’s embedded deep trust cyber defense using patented processor, memory, communications, inter-connections, backplane, and packaging technologies to integrate cyber security into every module at birth and cyber protection of the applications performed by the modules throughout their operational life cycle.


Bedrock Automation has developed the next generation industrial control system with a revolutionary electro-magnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security for the highest levels of system performance, security and reliability at the lowest system cost.
Bedrock started with a clean sheet of paper just a few years ago and re-imagined how a modern industrial control system should be designed for an IIoT world : Simple  Scalable  Secure™

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