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Kingfisher Plus+ Series

Modular RTU / PLC / PAC

- Kingfisher RTU/PLC Solutions

The Servelec Technologies Kingfisher Series combines the benefits of advanced processor and software technologies with the reliability of proven I/O modules and communications options. The result is an easy-to-configure remote terminal unit that achieves exceptional performance. By minimizing risks, it enables project completion, on time and on budget.

Kingfisher features a broad communications compatibility with a complete array of hardware options plus over 70 protocols provide for network compatibility. Also, thanks to an enhanced DNP3 Protocol Suite with broad DNP3 support (including DNP Master in the RTU) it allows users to take complete advantage of the power of this protocol Security platform.

The high-performance, 32-bit processing platform works with intelligent communications and I/O modules to meet all scanning and throughput requirements. Numerous advanced features include 70+ protocols built in, IEC-61131-3 programming (LD, ST, FB, FC, IL) and three levels of redundancy — communications, power, and processor to serve the most demanding applications in Water & Waste, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Electric Utilities, Transportation and more with ease. 

Hardware Models and Solutions

Kingfisher LP3 Series

All in One RTU / PLC / PAC

Form Factor: Modular
  Panel, 19" Rack
 Modular - 4 to 1024 Points per RTU
  16MB Flash, 32MB RAM
 Up to 16 Ports per RTU One (1) Ethernet Port, Two (2) Option Port Slots Optional Port Options include Ethernet, Serial, Dial Up Modem, HART, FSK, etc. 

Form Factor: Brick / All In One
: Fixed - 8 DI, 2 Relay Out, 4 AI, 1 AO
 4 MB Flash, 512K SRAM
 Two (2) RS232/485 Ports, Two (2) Option Port Slots Optional Port Options include Ethernet, Serial, Dial Up Modem, HART, FSK, etc.