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RSI Company also offers specific products and solutions based around ICONICS GENESIS and BizViz Products, Emerson ControlWave and Stand Alone industrial automation solutions. PCD is proud to offer RSI product solutions and training services to our end users, system integrators and engineering customers.

PCD utilizes RSI Company for our standard ICONICS GENESIS 32, ICONICS GENESIS 64 and ControlWave Designer Training Classes held in our service territories. We also utilize RSI Company for custom training classes held at customer facilities anywhere in the US.

RSI Company is a custom software development and services company based in the Denver, CO metro area. RSI Company is dedicated to providing cost effective, high quality automation solutions in the following areas:

 - SCADA System and HMI Development

 - Training and "Jump-Start" Services

 - Process and Industrial Control Development

 - Information / Database Management

 - Custom Windows Application Design

RSI Company - Custom Software Development and Services

The PCD TB to HH Utility allows TBox scheduled reports/exports send to an FTP Server to automatically be imported into the ICONICS Hyper Historian Logging Solution.   

The PCD FreeWave CP Data Logger was developed to simplify the data logging and of cathodic protection data gathered from FreeWave FGR/FGR2-CP Rectifier Monitoring and the FGR/FGR2-CP Line Marker Monitoring Solutions.

Built upon the industrial grade CSE-Semaphore TBox-TG2 Platform, the FW-CP Data Logger is a standalone datalogging solution that reports gathered data on a periodic or event driven basis to FTP(s) Server(s) for reporting and integration into corporate databases or Corrosion Management systems. Configuration is fast and efficient and is accessed via a standard Web Browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, fast and efficient performed via webpages.

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The CP Line Marker by PCD is designed to be an alternative to the since discontinued FreeWave FGR2-CP Line Marker Kit. The PCD CP Line Marker can be used to expand existing FreeWave FGR2-CP systems, or as a drop in replacement for units already in the field.

For more information please contact your local PCD Office.

Whether it is a critical alarm point, or a simple status update, TBMessenger is ready to provide E-mail and/or Text notifications of all your alarms and events to your desktop, cell phone and tablet devices. Web based interface makes configuring TBMessenger easy, fast and efficient. Simply connect locally via USB or Ethernet port (or remotely via Ethernet or Cellular connection), point your favorite web browser to the TBMessenger Default IP Address, and fill in the blanks. No software to install, no voices to record, and no extra software to purchase. Monitor your system status, current values, alarms logs, etc… via the same built in web browser technology. Make changes anytime, locally or remotely, even via your cell phone or tablet device. Built upon the industrial Grade TBox LT2 hardware platform from Semaphore, TBMessenger can be deployed in the harshest and most demanding commercial and industrial applications with confidence

Process Control Dynamics is proud to offer solutions as extensions to many of our principals products including ICONICS GENESIS64, GENESIS32, HyperHistorian, OleumTech Transmitters, FreeWave Radio Solutions and the Semaphore TBox Family of Products among others. All products are developed with customers specific needs and requirements in mind.

PCD - Products and Application Solutions

PCD has developed several applications and partnered with 3rd party providers to extend and enhance the functionality of our principals core products including TBox RTU's, ICONICS GENESIS64 and other principals solutions.