Contact us and/ or watch the above video introduction to learn how Tempered Networks takes a revolutionary new approach to security with a solution that can be dropped into your existing network, while leveraging your legacy devices and infrastructure.

We're excited to announce PCD has partnered with Tempered Networks to provide advanced protection for critical infrastructure for ICS/SCADA, process control, distributed control, IT and other critical systems in the water, wastewater, Oil & Gas, Electric G&T and other industrial control and IT systems.   

Intro to Tempered Networks Webinar Series

30 minute online introduction to Tempered Networks Security Solutions. 

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OleumTech Certification Training

Oklahoma City, OK - Oct 6-8, 2015

OleumTech Factory (CA) - Dec 2015

Kepware Fundamentals Training

Dallas, TX - October 20-21, 2015

Houston, TX - Q1 -2106

Denver, CO - Q1, 2015

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TBox Fundamentals Training

Dallas, TX - November 4-5, 2015

Denver, CO - T.B.D.

Houston, TX - T.B.D.

PCD/ICONICS Online Training

GENESIS64 & Hyper Historian

Fundamentals Online

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